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Kim Eccleston

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Kim Eccleston


Kim was awarded a Bachelor of Engineering with distinction from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1986, and obtained his PhD from the University of Queensland in 1991.

From 1990 to 1992, Kim was a Research Scientist at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation located in Adelaide. Kim began his academic career in 1992, first at the National University of Singapore (1992-2004) and then at the University of Canterbury (2005-2014). He taught a wide range of subjects including analogue and digital electronics, microwave electronics, electromagnetics, statistics, and reliability engineering. Through 2014 and 2015 Kim was focused solely on research at the University of Canterbury. Kim joined Lincoln Agritech in 2016.

Kim conducts research in the general domain of microwave technology and electromagnetics. He is currently developing negative refractive index metamaterials, and applying radar to estimate the mass of grapes on a vine. He has published over 30 refereed journal papers, and presented/co-authored over 60 papers at international conferences.

Kim regularly serves on the technical programme committee of the Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference and is currently a member of its International Steering Committee. He was the Technical Program Co-Chair of the IEEE 2011 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference, and was a member of the IEEE 1999 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference organizing committee.

Kim’s research interests include:

  • Microwave electromagnetic structures
  • Microwave measurements and sensing


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