The Issue:

Feeding the world’s growing population is becoming more challenging. The number of mouths to feed has surpassed 8 billion, but Earth’s resources are finite. Add to that, climate change has introduced unpredictability and is likely to make some well-established land uses unviable in their current locations.

How can agritech help farmers and horticulturalists become more productive and sustainable, producing more with fewer inputs? What changes can we make to farming systems to enable better decision-making, leading to better production, less waste of scarce resources and improved food security?

What we’re doing

Three-in-one sensor speeds up measurement

Tauranga-based Bluelab provides New Zealand designed and manufactured equipment for the global hydroponics industry. It wanted to speed up critical root zone measurements for growers and in 2015 commissioned Lincoln Agritech to help with designing and prototyping a handheld moisture probe for the hydroponics and horticulture industries.

Augmented reality for dairy farming

Augmented reality (AR) is a fast-growing technology that adds information to what people can perceive with their senses. Working with DairyNZ, Lincoln Agritech is investigating augmented reality to see what difference it could make on dairy farms, including its potential benefits and limitations.