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Our expertise

Precision Agriculture:

We apply and support the development of sensing technologies, including remote sensing, to assess and understand the spatial and temporal variability of soils, crops, and animals. We study how such data can improve decision-making.


We provide microbial biotechnology and consulting to industry and agriculture, including microbiome analyses and biocontrol solutions to manage disease and enhance plant growth systems for farming, horticulture, and forestry.


We provide water-related research, focused on understanding and measuring groundwater systems. We also supply tools to regional and central government, and water users, to manage groundwater quality, nitrogen impacts, and water allocation, enabling a sustainable future for water resources.


We research engineering-based methane mitigation and CO2 removal techniques to combat global warming and help New Zealand meet its contribution to greenhouse gas reduction.

IRRICAD and Information Technology

IRRICADTM, is a world-leading computer software system for designing pressurised irrigation systems, which sells in more than 90 countries, and is available in eight languages. It is used by the world’s largest irrigation company, Netafim.

New Materials

We develop new high-value materials from biological sources, including coarse wool and plant-derived cellulose. We partner with industry, including the Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand, and focus on commercial applications of new materials.

Sensing Technology

We provide smart sensing technologies for the agricultural and industrial sectors that reduce costs, realise new revenue streams, and improve decision-making. Our capabilities include electromagnetics for making precision measurements and machine vision for extracting and visualising actionable data using machine learning.



Our staff are motivated by seeing the positive impact of their hard work in practice: supporting improved farming systems; delivering improved environmental outcomes; and creating new platform-level technologies applicable to solving important challenges faced by multiple industries.

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Research Scientists and Engineers directly employed


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