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Thomas Wöhling

Senior Research Scientist

Thomas Wöhling

Dr.rer.nat., Dipl.-Hydrol., TUD, Germany

Working in the Hamilton office from 2006 till 2010, Thomas (‘Eddy’) focused on measuring and modelling water and contaminant fluxes through the vadose zone at Lincoln Agritech’s ‘Spydia’ facility near Lake Taupo. Despite relocating to Germany in 2010, Eddy continues to contribute to Lincoln Agritech’s research on a part-time basis.

Thomas is an internationally recognised specialist in the fields of multiobjective inverse parameter estimation methods and associated parameter uncertainty assessments. He currently leads several research programmes at Technische Universität Dresden, Germany.

He has particular interests in:

  • Integrated modelling of coupled environmental systems: flow and contaminant transport in surface water – groundwater systems; water, nutrient and energy fluxes in soil-plant-atmosphere systems; distributed hydrological modelling; and vadose zone flow and transport processes in heterogeneous media
  • Evaluation and optimisation of monitoring networks
  • Worth of data and observation types to inform environmental models
  • Inverse modelling, model calibration, and efficient parameter estimation methods
  • Multiobjective optimization techniques and Pareto analysis
  • Stochastic modelling and uncertainty analysis
  • Model selection techniques and Bayesian model averaging

Academic and Professional History:

  • 2015- current: Senior Research Scientist, Team Leader Stochastic Modelling of Hydrosystems, Head of the Soil Hydrology Lab, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
  • 2010 – 2015: Senior Research Scientist at Water and Earth System Sciences Competence Cluster (WESS), Tübingen, Germany
  • 2008 – current: Senior Research Scientist at Lincoln Environmental Research, Lincoln Ventures Ltd, Hamilton, New Zealand
  • 2006 – 2008: Research Hydrologist / Modeller at Lincoln Environmental Research, Lincoln Ventures Ltd, Hamilton, New Zealand
  • 2005: PhD in Hydrology, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
  • 1999 – 2005: Research Associate at Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology, Dresden University of Technology, Dresden, Germany
  • 1999: Dipl.-Hydrol., Technische Universität Dresden, Germany


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