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Year of opportunity beckons

As the holiday season approaches, I’d like to thank all our clients, collaborators, and colleagues for making 2023 another memorable year for Lincoln Agritech in 2023.

We know that for many in the primary industry sector, this has been a tough one. But we can see exciting progress in 2024!

For the New Zealand research industry, being able to participate in Horizon Europe research projects is a huge step forward for international collaboration. We are very excited to be the only non-European partner in a Horizon Europe project to develop an integrated pest surveillance system, able to make sense of data from multiple sources.

We’re also excited about our success in securing a Marsden Fund grant to search for new battery materials, and MBIE funds for researching how increasing CO2 levels affect freshwater and how designed bacterial communities may protect plants from fungal diseases.

Over the holiday season, Lincoln Agritech will be closed from December 22, reopening on January 3. However, many of our staff will take extended leave to enjoy New Zealand’s summer holidays.

We hope you manage time for rest and relaxation with family and friends these holidays, and we wish you a 2024 filled with opportunities.

Peter Barrowclough