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People of Lincoln Agritech

Bruno da Silva

Bruno da Silva

Bruno da Silva explains how his job as Lincoln Agritech’s Network Manager helps him achieve his lifelong desire to learn about different cultures, languages, and societies.

When I grew up I always wanted to travel around the world to learn more about cultures, languages, gastronomy, and societies. I thought it would help me to better understand others’ perspectives, approaches to challenges, and how the environment they are in affects their development as human beings.

My current job fits that. I am working with a multicultural staff that helps me to view a wider horizon, to solve challenges by sharing ideas and supporting each other to put our ideas into practice.

At least once a week I learn new words from different languages (such as Māori, French, and Persian) and from different fields of work (such as biology, science, physics). I am in an environment with great people, they are expert in what they do and the learning journey with them is fascinating.

My job involves understanding what the IT needs of our staff are, so we can provide services that help them in their projects and to achieve their goals.

I set up and manage the IT infrastructure to support an awesome variety of engineering, research, and science projects. This involves talking to multidisciplinary teams to understand how our IT team can build a bridge between people and technology solutions within a secure environment to achieve client’s expectations.

How did you get to have this job?

In early 2020 a partner of an ex-work colleague was on an internship at Lincoln Agritech. She mentioned about Lincoln Agritech’s work environment, projects, and people and said that the IT Group was looking for someone to join to their team as IT Support Technician.

Although I had never worked in a research and development company, I was really excited to hear more about this position and applied as soon as I saw it advertised. In September 2020 I got the job offer and since then I have enjoyed working here and keeping growing with this great opportunity.

What do you enjoy about it?

Working with multidisciplinary teams, I am always learning something new and looking for emerging technologies that will fit with the projects. At Lincoln Agritech I have the strong feeling of being supported and engaged by our staff – essentially, they provide an excellent environment to work inand encourage you to bring the best of yourself to the world.

What motivates you?

I want to understand how the universe works and what exactly our mission within it is. I want to be exposed to the unknown (people call it “having adventures”).

What is the best thing that’s ever happened to you?

Before coming to New Zealand, when I was still in Brazil, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. After a long treatment, she was able to come back to home. So I would say that the best thing that ever happened to me was my mother returning to my younger siblings and me after treatment.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

I’d like everyone to have the necessities of life (such as food, home, clothes, and health) without having to pay money for them.