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Simon Kelly

Biotechnology Senior Scientist & Team Leader

Simon Kelly

BSc, MSc, PhD

Simon joined Lincoln Agritech in January 2022 as a Biotechnology Senior Scientist & Team Leader.

He completed his Masters and PhD studies in Microbiology at the University of Otago, where his research focused on soil bacteria and molecules they produce during beneficial interactions with plants.

Simon continued his plant-microbe interaction research for eight years as a Postdoc/Assistant Professor in a plant molecular biology group at Aarhus University, Denmark. In this position he examined the molecular communication and mechanisms that govern plant-microbe interactions and expanded the research to include complex microbial communities through microbiome studies and the isolation and use of assembled microbial consortia.

Simon is passionate about harnessing the potential of microbes to sustainably support agricultural practices and develop new biotechnology applications. His research experience and interests include:

  • Plant-microbe interactions
  • Microbial/plant functional genomics
  • Microbiomes studies
  • Isolation and characterisation of assembled microbial consortia.


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