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Shaahin Saleh

Fibre Science Leader

Shaahin Saleh

MEng, PhD

Shaahin Saleh (Mirshahin Seyedsaleh) is a fibre technologist and polymer chemist with over 12 years of industry experience. Trained in textile chemistry and fibres at Shahre Ray University in Iran, Shaahin is a specialist in fibre spinning technology and synthetic fibre innovation. He has received numerous awards and holds several patents for his inventions.

In London, 2007, Shaahin won the prestigious British Inventors Society Double Gold Innovation Award, receiving the gold medal and special award; and in Barcelona, 2010, he was awarded for the Best Ecological Invention.

Shaahin is currently working on polymer modifications, processing and fibre spinning.

His interests are in:

  • Fibre synthesis, specifically rayon and regenerated fibres
  • Polymer modifications and processing
  • Applications of polymers for human use.