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Prof Grant Edwards


Prof Grant Edwards

BAgrSci (hons), DPhil

Professor Grant Edwards is Vice-Chancellor of Lincoln University.

Coming from a farming background in Northland, Professor Edwards completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences with honours from Lincoln University in 1990. He was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in 1991 and through this scholarship completed a DPhil in behavioural ecology at Oxford University in 1994.

He then held research and teaching positions at AgResearch and Imperial College London, before returning to Lincoln University in 2005, first as a senior lecturer in pasture science, before moving to the position of Professor of Dairy Production in 2009. He was appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor in 2019 and began his appointment as Vice-Chancellor in 2022.

Professor Edwards’ research interests are in the profitability and environmental performance of dairy farming systems. At Lincoln University, he has been instrumental in activation of farm portfolio to support a continuum of activities from component research, through to farm systems and demonstration.