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Jin-Hua Li

Research Scientist

Jin-Hua Li

BSc, MSc, PhD

Jin-Hua is a molecular plant pathologist with a background in the biocontrol of plant fungal and bacterial diseases.

She is from the Gansu Province in China. After attaining her Masters in Agricultural Science from Gansu Agricultural University (GAU), Jin-Hua became a university teacher and was awarded her PhD degree in 2007.

Jin-Hua then moved to Australia and worked at the University of Sydney and CSIRO (Adelaide). In 2012, she moved to New Zealand to work at the Bio-Protection Research Centre at Lincoln University.

Jin-Hua joined Lincoln Agritech’s Biotechnology Group as a Post-Doctoral Research Scientist. She focuses on the Group’s MBIE-funded research programme, “Nitrogen-fixing pine trees and grasses” and samples for and identify fungal-bacterial hybrid endophytes.

Her research interests include:

  • Biocontrol of plant fungal and bacterial diseases, and plant pests
  • Interaction between plant, pathogen and bio-control agents
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