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Jeff Lang

Postdoctoral Researcher, Environmental Research

Jeff Lang

BSc, MSc, PhD

Jeff has joined Lincoln Agritech as a Postdoctoral Researcher with the Environmental group, based in Hamilton. He is working on an MBIE-funded programme investigating the effects of climate change on the Waikato River, and other group projects.

Jeff’s background is in geology. He has a BSc in geology and geophysics, an MSc in earth sciences and a PhD in geology, all at the University of Auckland. During postgraduate study he focused on the use of geochemical techniques to probe ancient geological events. He applied these tools in the fields of meteoritics, to investigate early Solar System processes, and speleo-seismology, to obtain records of past earthquakes from speleothems.

Since completing his studies in 2022 he has continued exploring the application of cave deposits in geohazards research (earthquakes and rainfall extremes) at the University of Waikato (Environmental Geochemistry Group).