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Armin Werner

Group Manager, Precision Agriculture

Armin Werner

MSc/CEng, PhD

Armin has a background in agronomy, crop modeling and sustainable development of land use. He gained his PhD at the University of Bonn and worked as Postdoc at Michigan State University.

Before joining Lincoln Agritech, Dr Armin Werner was the Director of the Institute of Land Use Systems (ZALF) in Germany for several years. Armin specialises in novel agricultural production systems with a strong focus on precision agriculture (PA); exploring the economic and environmental as well as managerial impacts of new technologies for primary industries and land use. His work has led him to create strong linkages and collaboration projects between various scientific disciplines and sectors including academic institutions, researchers and farmers.

Since 2013, Armin has been managing an interdisciplinary and integrative research group on Precision Agriculture at Lincoln Agritech, covering Precision Farming (arable crops, pastures), Precision Livestock Farming, Precision Horticulture, Precision Spraying as well as Agricultural (Outdoor) Robotics.

In addition to working at Lincoln Agritech, Dr Armin Werner is an Adjunct Professor at Lincoln University in New Zealand, and has been teaching a Precision Agriculture course since 2015.

Armin has particular research interests in:

  • Using optical sensors with map overlays to delineate and effectively manage zones of varying yield potentials with variable rate applications of fertilizers, seeds and pesticides.
  • Improving rule-based decision support systems with sensor data and geo-data towards spatially variable rate production systems.
  • Developing and integrating image based analytical tools into horticultural and arable crop production.
  • Study the barriers in adopting Precision Agriculture as a management concept of farms and to show the benefits of PA for farmers, consumers and environment.


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Armin Werner