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Allister Holmes

Precision Agriculture Agronomist

Allister Holmes

B. Hort; Dip. Agr. Sc.

Allister is an experienced and successful primary industry researcher, extension agent and agronomist, with a proven track record of working with science providers and growers to deliver practical outcomes from scientific findings.

Before joining Lincoln Agritech, Allister spent six years as Research and Extension Team Leader at the Foundation for Arable Research (FAR). He was responsible for developing, managing and delivering the findings of new research projects to meet industry needs, working with other research providers to ensure practical and beneficial outcomes to growers, and establishing the FAR North Island office and research facility.

Allister has also worked for food and grain producers growing a wide range of crops and has developed an extensive international network of contacts. He is skilled at understanding the challenges and opportunities in primary industries globally and determining the relevance to New Zealand.

Allister has authored and co-authored many scientific papers and practical articles on a range of agronomic and technical subjects. He has considerable experience in managing complex research projects, bringing together a wide range of stakeholders to achieve outcomes that add value to primary industry.

Allister is based in Tauranga.

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