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Adam Hartland

Senior Scientist

Adam Hartland

PhD, BSc Hons (1)

Adam Hartland is a Senior Scientist based in Hamilton. Adam joined Lincoln Agritech in late 2022, having served 10 years at the University of Waikato, where he formed and led the Waikato Environmental Geochemistry group. Building on his Rutherford Discovery Fellowship (2017-2022), Adam’s research addresses the impact of climate change on soils and freshwater systems.

Adam has a long-held interest in the subsurface, which he traces back to an undergraduate project studying groundwater food webs beneath the Canterbury plains. He subsequently completed a PhD in aqueous chemistry (applied to cave systems) at the University of Birmingham, and a postdoctoral fellowship in groundwater geochemistry at the University of New South Wales.

With more than 50 publications in leading international journals and a network of national and international collaborators, Adam is well positioned to advance soil, water and climate science in Aotearoa New Zealand. In light of accelerating climate disruption, there is a clear need for science that addresses these unprecedented challenges. Through his work at Lincoln Agritech, Adam aims to leverage practical science, engineering and technology to increase the resilience of our communities and primary sector, as we adapt to a more extreme and unstable climate.

Adam’s research areas include:

  • biogeochemical and hydrological processes across the aquatic continuum
  • soil and water pollution, including active and passive sensors, and isotopic tracers
  • new technologies for environmental monitoring and sensing
  • quantitative climate reconstruction and development of new proxy systems
  • organo-mineral interactions and environmental nanoparticles
  • composite media for nutrient attenuation and redox control in denitrifying bioreactors.

To find out more visit Adam’s Google Scholar page or personal website.

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