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Aldrin Rivas

Catchment Hydrologist

Aldrin Rivas

BSc, MEng, PhD

Aldrin joined Lincoln Agritech in 2016 as a Catchment Hydrologist. He previously had 10 years of professional experience in water and environmental science, engineering, and management. He has worked in various sectors including academia and consultancy for private and government entities.

Aldrin has a PhD from Massey University with a thesis on denitrification in the subsurface environment of the Manawatu River catchment. He received his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in the Philippines and his master’s degree in Water Engineering and Management from Thailand. He has also received training on environmental modelling, including modelling of water and solute transport in the unsaturated zone.

The focus of Aldrin’s current research is on denitrification in natural and engineered systems, but he has a wide range of interests including:

  • denitrification in the vadose and saturated zones
  • denitrifying woodchip bioreactors
  • transfer pathways in the surface and subsurface environments
  • vulnerability assessment of freshwater resources
  • integrated catchment development and management
  • water supply systems and management
  • environmental and hydrological modelling.

You can find Aldrin’s research outputs in his Google Scholar or ResearchGate page.


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