Science Outputs

Variable-rate application of fertiliser – a new tool for farm system and environmental performance?

Journal of New Zealand Grasslands

King W, Pletnyakov P, Taylor A, Ekanayake D, Werner A Feb, 2022

Non-Invasive Groundwater Velocity Measurements Using a Novel Electromagnetic Flowmeter

IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurements

Mitchell B, Zhou Y, Hayes M, Heffernan B, Platt I, Bailey J, Hunze A, Gao K, Long N, Woodhead I. Jan, 2022

Evaluating sources of variability in inflorescence number, flower number and the progression of flowering in Sauvignon blanc using a Bayesian modelling framework

Vol. 56 No. 1 (2022): OENO One

Amber K. Parker, Jaco Fourie, Mike C. T. Trought, Kapila Phalawatta, Esther Meenken, Anne Eyharts, Elena Moltchanova Jan, 2022

Robust human instance segmentation in a challenging forest environment

36th International Conference on Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (IVCNZ)

K. Pahalawatta, J. Fourie, J. Potgieter, H. Ascot-Evans and A. Werner Dec, 2021


Effects of spatial resolution of terrain models on modelled discharge and soil loss in Oaxaca, Mexico

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Volume 25, issue 10

Sergio Naranjo, Francelino A. Rodrigues Jr., Georg Cadisch, Santiago Lopez-Ridaura, Mariela Fuentes Ponce, and Carsten Marohn Nov, 2021

DOI: 10.5194/hess-25-5561-2021

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